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Why you need tons of energy in this life

Energy is absolutely key. Whatever goal/ ambition/ dream you have, if you don’t have energy, you will never achieve it. There are so many demands on our energy and yet we do not know how to replenish and maximise our resources.

The Problem: I’m just too tired to do this, even though I really want to

When you get home, have you ever wanted to work on your project but felt too tired? How often do you put your feet up instead and start watching some pointless TV instead of doing even a little bit of something constructive?

I’ve certainly had that problem, hence why I’m not today where I would want to be.The Plan: at this stage simply to understand how to maximise energyProviding you with energy has become a mass market billion dollar business that misses the point more often than not. Energy drinks is a big business but they cover up the reasons why you are lacking energy. Providing quick fix of sugar or caffeine does nothing to address the underlying issues, it’s merely a short term fix. This can be a vicious circle that turns you into a junkie waiting for the next hit of sugar!So after a lot of research, here are the areas I’m going to try a few experiments on myself to see what works in changing my energy levels. For the purists, those experiments are just on me and not in a “controlled environment”, I just fancy trying it!

are we really maximising our energy?

are we really maximising our energy?

  • EATING: my initial research got me to get tested for various intolerances… and to my surprise I should not be having wheat! (and celery, raspberries or grass but that’s not a great loss!). This has led me to look into how we eat and how our body works to find the optimal way. After all, what we eat has the greatest impact on our body!
  • DRINKING: apparently our bodies become increasingly acid over time due to the food we eat and all we drink (soda, alcohol but even water can be slightly acidic!) which leads to lack of energy and some studies have even suggested increased risk of cancer.
  • SLEEP: we all need it, but how much of it do we need to be at our best? I’m going to try different amounts and throw some power naps in there to see how that all works.
  • EXERCISE: that old chestnut… whether you do not enough or too much, I thought I’d try a number of different regimes to see what works but takes the least amount of time/ effort for best outcome.
  • SUPPLEMENTS: We have a lot of supplements to our diet, but how much do they help and which 2-3 should I focus on to feel good and energised.

The Result: A lot more energy to try thingsNow imagine this: you have copious and unstoppable amounts of energy. What would you do? What could you achieve? How would you make most of your time on this planet?

I’ve now done all of the above over the past 3 months and must say this has transformed my life. I now know what works for me. I do not have all the answers and keep fine tuning things, but over the past 3 months the difference has been huge! Its like a virtuous circle, I want and expect more out of life in the best possible way.

My trials and results are detailed in the sections below:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Supplements

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