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4 HOUR BODY in real life

Tim Ferris is something of a legend, not everyone will agree or buy into his ideas but you have to hand it to him: he is thorough in his research/ experimentation and knows how to create a name for himself. He is obsessive in achieving what he sets out to do, which is a great quality.

The Problem: not having time for an extreme routine

Tim’s book is but I do think picking parts that work for you and your life is the best thing. An onerous and extreme daily/ weekly routine would not work for most people. The 80/20 concept of being good most of the time makes sense, and since being a topless model is not my lifetime goal, there’s no need for going over the top. Being fit and healthy will do nicely and give me the time and energy for everything else I have in mind.

The Plan: minimal exercise, maximum results

Having trialled many things to keep fit over the years, and having had success changing my life with primal eating, I had 2 key criterias for my “exercise regime”:

TIME– spend minimal amounts of time on exercise daily, and it must fit around my life

EQUIPMENT– have minimal amount of kit at home for this, no gym membership needed

The Result: a routine that works

Routine is a big word there, this is no military regime forcing 6am starts. Far from it, my “routine” is a general group of things that are good for me and that I do around my day. Main things are as follows:

SPRINTS: once a week in 10mins max- if I have time in a morning, I do a gentle warm up (5mins), followed by 5x50m sprints at full pelt (5 mins)… that’s it, 10 mins of exercise but massive benefits. Sprints are one of those things that really kick off your metabolism and make you feel great.

KETTLE BELL: twice a week 10mins per session- I bought a kettle bell, which is basically a weight with a handle. I went for an ambitious 24kg and do this in the evenings whilst TV is on… LINK LINK LINK on techniques. Forget doing weights that isolate muscles, we’re not going for the topless male model look with massive biceps, just feeling fit.

USE ASSOCIATION: I had an idea of creating anchors in my life, a reminder effectively, that every time I did something, I would do something else. So I chose going to the loo: every time I go, I always also grab a glass of water (drinking more and being hydrated is a key to energy and health), and also throw in some squats or push ups. That’s it. Think about how many times you go to the loo daily and think about how that concept could really add up for you!

Other tips:

Something I have made into a positive game to encourage myself is to give myself points (childish I know) for doing good things, or not doing bad things. For example: eating a handful of blueberries: 1 point, doing sprints: 1 point, turning shower to as cold as I can stand (great way of waking up and helps circulation): 1 point, doing 20 squats in the loo… 1 point, offering to help tourists lost and needing directions: 1 point, not eating a piece of cake: 1 point… I aim for 10 points a day.

Adapt those ideas into something that works for you. I encourage you to try those things and make a point to use them daily. Making little incremental steps daily LINK LINK LINK will ensure you reach you goal.

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