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EATING: How to eat to feel good?

Have you ever eaten a meal and felt tired afterwards? Something of a food coma and not only post the holiday feasts? It frankly almost does not matter how much you exercise if you’re eating the wrong things? It’s nice to eat good food, but I’m starting to think we’re doing something wrong on the eating stakes.

The Problem: eating makes me feel tired

For the past 3 years or so, I have been feeling increasingly more tired/lethargic, getting a little rounder and more bloated and potentially developing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). All signs of getting a little older my friends were saying. I can never accept that kind of statement.

So if I want to feel good post eating, how do I do that? I certainly don’t want to starve myself or eat salads all day long. What I’m looking for is a way that makes me feel good and energised.

The Plan: eat like we are designed to eat

My starting point on eating was this: I had just found out I was wheat intolerant. 30 years of eating copious amounts of things that made me feel bad. Damn… wheat is in so many things I love like bread and pasta. No more chicken, bacon, avocado sandwich or spaghetti bolognaise…

Wheat: my undercover saboteur

Wheat: my undercover saboteur

Compared to an allergy, an intolerance is often ignored. Just because it is not life threatening and you do not have a strong reaction to it, it does not mean you should simply live with the problem! Why eat something that makes you feel a little unwell… radical concept! You may think you’re intolerant but don’t know what the problem is specifically, I can only recommend you get tested, it is truly eye opening. A quick google search can find local places to do that, but don’t use price as an excuse to not do it, think of this as an investment in your health.

On top of that, my most pressing issue was hypoglycaemia , a condition linked to eating high carb meal. A couple of hours after eating I would need to eat again or get serious dizziness, fatigue, anxiety and definitely irritability. Far from ideal.

After a lot of research, experimentation and trying different “diets” over a few months, I found one way of doing things that really resonated with me.

From hunter gather to couch potatoes?

From hunter gather to couch potatoes?

The Result: eat like we evolved eating, a bit more primal

The very good website called Mark’s Daily Apple advocates that we eat like our ancestors used to eat, more meat/ fish, leafy vegetables and berries. The reasoning is that we evolved for thousands of years on this diet, but changed the way we eat very recently in evolutionary terms. Our ancestors did not evolve eating bread, processed meat and large cakes. A great summary of the concept is here.

Having adapted how I eat for the past 4 months now, the results are great:

  • Weight loss (spare tire and bloated face gone: lost 1 stone/ 6.4kg without trying)
  • None of that lethargic feeling post eating, just feeling good
  • NO MORE HYPOGLYCEMIA!! None whatsoever. I sometimes do not feel hungry for 6-10 hours, so instead of food being the key focus in my life, it’s now just a part of my life.

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