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More on why PRIMAL LIVING works

This really worked for me and eating “primal” is becoming an increasingly well know way of eating. The power of the internet has meant the wheat and grain syndicates are not able to censor this information and people can share their results.

The Problem: 21st Century society living

  • Convenience food, fast food, processed food.
  • Time pressure, constant communication, exercising.
  • Global opportunities, over information, financial stresses.

The Plan: simplify your life

This is a quick post to summarise the “Primal” way of life, lots of information here.

But if you want a quick summary, the key principles are this:

  • Eating should be like our ancestors, like we have evolved, like our body wants us to eat. Generally focus on meat/ fish, lots of leafy vegetables, nuts and berries. Eat until you’re full, and if traditional meal time comes and if you’re not hungry, don’t make yourself eat!
  • Exercise like our ancestors would, not that they would “exercise”! They would walk around quite a lot, once in a while they would sprint after food/ away from danger, and lift some heavy things like tree branches, rocks, etc. In today’s world that means walking around (1 hour a day to get around, nothing strenuous), work into your routine doing sprints once a week (warm up nicely then do perhaps 5x50m sprints, that’s it), and do some weights (of all the things I’ve tried, I now use a kettle bell at home, here’s some work out ideas)
Living as we evolved living

Living as we evolved living

The Result: you will stop worrying about your weight/ fitness and just enjoy living

We’re fat burning machines. We’re also survival machines. We put fat on our bodies so we can use it as energy in times of need. But in the Western world, this does not work as we never really have a situation where food is not available. So our bodies keep adding to our fat supplies. Exercising is futile if you eat the wrong way and the wrong foods.

The way Primal eating works from what I understand is as follows: we have not evolved eating much carbs, maybe 100grams max per day as carbs are not that naturally occurring in our ancestor’s diets. Our bodies are designed to use our fat supplies as the primary source of energy. However, to survive, we will use any carbs we get (sugar, bread,etc.) first as our bodies want to keep fat for times of need. In fact, our bodies are now so often used to having carbs as the primary source of food that it demands more carbs! Cue the hunger pains and tiredness if you don’t eat carbs. It’s almost a signal from your body saying: “hey, I’m running out of that instantaneous energy source and will have to switch to fat burn mode! Any more of those carbs knocking around?!”

But once you change the way you eat to the way we have evolved eating, once you’re through the junky like withdrawal symptoms from carbs, your body seamlessly starts using fat as source of energy… and you start feeling in charge of you body.

The sad thing is, too many rich and influential organisations have too much at stake to let this message get out freely. All I can say is I now personally feel amazing, full of energy and full of life, solely based on this change. There are plenty of other people out there with similar stories.

Eating and exercising in this way is very quick and let’s you enjoy the important things in life.

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