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SUPPLEMENTS: do you need supplements?

How many of you pop pills in answer to your problems? Have you been taking pills for a long time without thinking if it actually helps? We’re a society that too quickly seeks to treat the symptoms and not address the underlying cause.

The Problem: what supplements do you actually need?

Multi vitamins: that used to be my staple. No need to eat too well, I’m getting at least 100-200% of the recommended daily amount (RDA) of vitamins in a pill each morning… and if I feel something else, maybe I’ll just top up with another supplement.

The Plan: cut everything out and re-introduce if needed

This was slightly counter intuitive as I was already feeling run down, would I fall apart and get ill? Having had a couple of health issues that would not go away, this felt like a gamble, but sometimes you need a radical rethink! If something is not working, why keep doing the same things?

We cannot live simply on supplements

We cannot live simply on supplements

How will I know what I need? Well this is where testing comes into it. Having worked out my intolerances (wheat, raspberries, celery and grass), I decided to eat well (see EATING section) and stop all vitamins and supplements. Key things I want to ensure are:

  • maximum energy: Vitamin B12 is needed against tiredness/ lethargy, but not everyone is able to absorb it, tests confirmed this was a problem for me.
  • brain function: research shows Omega 3 is key for brain function and memory (something that had been getting worse!), whilst.

Everything other vitamin/ mineral I can get from eating better.

The Result: clearer mind and energy levels

Surprisingly, no negative impact from cutting out multi vitamins, its nice not popping pills all the time. When I introduced Vitamin B12 supplement after a week, my tiredness subsided and I’ve gradually had more energy. I had a couple of sores on side of my mouth that had not healed for 8 weeks, these disappeared. I use sublingual Vitamin B12 which is more easily absorbed into the blood stream. Absorbing B12 is something difficult for a fair few people, this is a quote from someone who’s historically had issues with energy and has to be injected B12:

“It was only a short while after the injections kicked in and I felt “ok” again that I realized how bad I had actually been feeling before: no energy, no effort, completely drained etc etc etc which I put down to laziness!”

Omega 3 is the other supplement I have added, as I do not eat enough fish, something to work on… maybe its a placebo effect but after 2 weeks, I now feel much clearer of head and more agile mentally. This is key to avoid lethargy and mental tiredness, I’m now raring to go daily! You can buy oil to be added to food like yoghurt (probiotic ideally), good ones are Udo’s choice but any good quality Omega 3 at your local health store is a worthwhile investment

Vitamin D is the final supplement I take, also in liquid form, as clearly I’m not getting enough sunshine from my office desk… or even outside for that matter! The UK is not the sunniest place in the world!

Those 3 supplements are all I seem to need, once a day and I’m done. Combined with a healthy EATING regime, I feel like I am making the most of me all the time.

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