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Make your UNCONSCIOUS work for you

Big problem, long bath: Archimedes the inventor

Back in the 3rd Century BC a Sicilian Greek named Archmides was asked to measure whether a crown was made of pure gold. Clearly we have tools nowadays for such tasks but back then, no such luck. So Archimedes puzzled over a solution for a long time.

The story goes that when he eventually took a bath (potentially not too frequent an occurrence but we’re not judging) and saw the water rising in reaction to his body as he stepped in, he realised that an object’s volume could be measured by the water it displaced – and if weighed, their relative density could thus be calculated.

He was so excited by his discovery that he jumped out of the bath and ran naked through his town of Syracuse shouting “Eureka!” – which is Greek for “I’ve got it!”. If you’ve learnt nothing else from this post, you’ve at least learnt what “Eureka” means!

Therefore, getting to the point, we often feel that finding the solution to a difficult problem requires hard thinking on our part, but the answer often comes only when you switch off your conscious mind- and take a bath.

Is this something that can help me?

You bet. Whenever you set yourself a goal that you really want to achieve, your unconscious mind will start picking things out to support this goal for you. Our brain is highly complex and relies on our senses for information, but we receive so much information all the time (touch, smell, taste, noise and all the things we see)… our brains would explode if we consciously focused on all. So what we do is to simply filter the information that our senses receive, to only let through what you want to let through! Sounds familiar?

So here’s the great thing: decide what you want to achieve and your unconscious will get to it! Here are a few tips I found for you to start using the power of the unconscious mind:

    1. Your unconscious cannot process negatives- so state goals positively
    2. Your unconscious needs direction- so tell it what you want to achieve
    3. Your unconscious preserves memories- its all up there but you may be blocking yourself
    4. Your unconscious is a learning machine
    5. Your unconscious behaves like a highly moral being
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