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Why speed reading is wrong: focus on rapid comprehension

In a world where we are bombarded with information, the battle to stay ahead of your competition means you need to read more than others and more effectively.
The problem: too much information needs to be read to stay level with the competition… but how about getting ahead of the pack, with minimal effort?
The Solution: try out speed reading, master it and see if I can help others do the same!

Comprehension versus Speed:

There are many courses out there that offer you 1000 words per minute reading speeds, but what they rarely tell you is that comprehension will drop and you will need to practice a lot to get there.
We want you to read 500 to 750 words per minute whilst retaining your comprehension. With the average reading speed at 250 words per minute, and comprehension rates at 70%, we have found that doubling reading speed is easy, once you know a few key tricks. Learning those strategies is painless.
What should you use Speed Reading for:

Perfect for Newspaper, Websites & Articles

you’re trying to get the main point of an article, not learn it off by heart, increase your success.

Good for Books & Novels

you enjoy reading them and immersing yourself in their stories, now just do it faster and read more of the things you love.

Can be used for studying Learning & Studying

for subjects that require strong comprehension, you can use reading techniques to go through and understand the topic’s main points quickly, then you should re read more slowly. Want to cram before an exam, use those tricks for last minute re reading.
How much more successful would you be if you could read effectively at 2-3x your normal speed?
Want to learn to read more quickly but retain the all important comprehension rate? I’ve done the hard work and compiled a simple to follow starter pack including practice sheets. Get your free starter pack below by filling in this form:

If you want to test your current reading speed, try the link here from Staples that tries to sell you e-readers but still a good test. The reading speed will be specifically for on screen reading but a good guide as to your reading speed.

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