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The Kettlebell workouts

Want to get fit quickly, with all over body strength? Try the Kettlebell workout

Sounds like a cheap advertisement but since you are probably a very busy person, honestly don’t look further and try kettlebell workouts. I have been doing those for 6 months, in 10 minutes maximum 3 times per week, with great benefit. Plus you need minimum equipment: I own one 24kg kettlebell for my workouts.

With my goal of leaving office life, working full time and on side projects, marriage and a kid on the way, clearly I needed a fast workout. Spending hours weekly at the gym doing isolation muscle exercises now seem pointless. Used properly, a kettlebell uses the whole body, including strengthening the core.

What is a Kettlebell?

Kettlebell workouts have been designed specifically for strength, endurance and flexibility. Instead of bars, they use a weight with a handle, which gives the opportunity to vary movements a lot more. These were commonly used by strongmen and weightlifters but now it’s used by anyone who wants a faster workout, get in shape and improve cardiovascular endurance.

The Benefits

Sig Klein knew his weightlifting, being an old time Strongman and “physical culturist” from the early 1900’s. In those days of very simple weightlifting equipment, that was his favoured piece and helped him achieve results we would all be proud of.

The beauty of the kettlebell workout is that it enables you to do a wide range of movements and exercises with only 1 piece of kit.

The Kettlebell Workout

There are lot of resources out there to get you started, I have listed a few links to get you started at bottom of this post, but here are 2 basic exercises to try:

The Kettlebell swing, a workout by itself:

1. Grab the Kettlebell with both hands.

2.  Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder width apart.

3.  Now swing your Kettlebell to shoulder height, keeping the arms straight.

4.  On the way back down, keep a smooth motion as you “sit down” and repeat.

The Kettlebell clean and press is your next kettlebell workout and will also work out your shoulders.

1.  Take the bell with one hand.

2.  Feet should width apart and knees bent.

3.  In one motion, bring the kettlebell to your shoulder and extend your legs.

4.  Holding the kettlebell at your shoulder, bend down again.

5.  And finally push the Kettlebell all the way up by extending both your legs and arm.

Here are some links to help you get started. I must say, if you’re looking to simplify your life and stay fit, this is the one exercise you should do.

Mens Health workout– fairly basic but good introduction.

More advanced version– in a video so you can see how you might progress (there are hundreds on youtube to checkout if you get a bit keen).

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