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When do you know it is time to leave your job?

Story of THE moment of realisation that corporate life just is not worth it courtesy of a fellow Escapee who left 5 years of corporate world in a top US Investment Bank to travel the world and setup on his own. Now not tied to a desk he’s re learning to live more and more each day.

I suddenly realised how caught up I had been in the corporate measures of success and how meaningless they were in the real world while sitting in the back of a ute, shotgun in hand as we hurtled towards a group of birds feasting on nearly ripe grapes.

Back to simple joys of life

Here the job was simple – stop the birds from eating the grapes – but satisfyingly raw and practical.  There the job was grey, the politics too necessary and the outcome too self-interested.

Being outside, experiencing the thrill of doing something different, flowing with nature’s clock and achieving something real even for just a few days felt like a bigger achievement than my last five years of corporate life.  Promotion, money and working harder at marketing (yourself and products) than doing something real just doesn’t match up when you step back and re-evaluate away from the day to day  of corporate life.  The questions that need to be asked are:

* Do you know how much money in the bank is enough?
* Will you stop working when you make it?
* Is the sacrifice worth it?

But I think the answer to these questions can only truly come when you take time to define what success means for you.  And for me, stepping away from the corporate world has shown me that experiencing a passion for life is far more valuable than a large salary and a fancy title – even if this means having to risk it all.

Great words and well said.

Don’t forget that success does not often lead to happiness, but happiness always leads to success… this may be put simply but the simplicity comes more from what you will define as success once you are truly happy. Here’s a hint, it won’t be about the size of your bonus but more likely the smile on your face and that of others you love.

Why survive your office job when you can live a little?

Why survive your office job when you can live a little?


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