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See the world through newborn eyes

Want to build better relationships in your business and personal life? Then it’s time to change the way you look at life with this simple change in perspective

A world with no words

Have you ever thought about how babies see the world? They are born with no language, no concept of what anything is. They only know instinct: hunger, tiredness, pain.

But how do they make sense of the world without language? We travel through life talking to ourselves about our experience and thoughts. We vocalise these and rationalise what is around us, what is happening to us, what our world is according to us. We shape these thoughts through pre conceived notions, through learnings and often through unconscious prejudice.

See the world through their eyes

See the world as it is, not as you are

Imagine being in a world where everything was new. No doubt that would be overwhelming at first, but after a while it would be amazing. You would see the world as it is, not as you interpret it.

In life, business and relationships, we should maybe take the time to think about whether we are putting a lot more meaning to things than exist. Are we truly seeing what is out there, or seeing what we want to see?

Open you eyes and really see the world. Shut off your internal dialogue, shut off your pre conceptions and discover what is really around you. See the world through the eyes of a newborn, it will enlighten you.

Your challenge

Walk your normal route to or from work and lift your head up, notice the details of the buildings, really look at the shops, people, trees. Discover all the details you have not noticed before. If you can, shut off your internal voice, it could probably use a rest. If you cannot, look into mediation, it will really help you change your life.


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