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How to Create 30 hours in 5 minutes and the toothbrush workout

Want more time? Spend a few minutes thinking about the below, it could be the wisest investment you make this year.

The Shaving debate

Having moved in with the in-laws whilst sorting out my business ventures, I noticed some key differences on how my father in law and I do things. Sometimes small things get you thinking about big time savings. Here’s an example.

Being more old school and gentlemanly than myself, shaving is a ritual that takes time: create the lather, put lather on a shaving brush, lather up, shave, slowly… 10 minutes later and he’s done.

I shave in the shower: no lather needed as the hot water raises the hair follicles… 3 minutes later and I’m done.

So the time saving is at least 5 minutes, per day. Annualise that and that’s a huge 1,825 minutes, or over 30 hours just on shaving! Why waste 30 hours annually on something if there’s an easier (and cheaper) way. See here for more ideas.

What can you save a few minutes on? And what could you do with that extra time? Maybe do like the Great Gatsby and practice elocution (see here, 60% of the way down) or run through an upcoming important situation to practice your optimal response…

Make yourself better with little things daily, or accept to fade in the background of life...

Make yourself better with little things daily, or fade in the background of life

The toothbrush workout

Talking of optimising time: we spend 2-3 minutes twice a day brushing our teeth, could we be making better use of our time? No I’m not thinking about cutting corners here, but of doing something that men traditionally do badly: multi tasking.

A couple of years ago my back was agony, apparently my core muscles had shut down, and it’s very difficult for them to re-engage when that happens. The answer: tons of core exercises. With that in mind, I started adding core exercises to my teeth brushing schedule:

– Stand on one leg
– Crouch down and hold it, whilst engaging your core
– Stand on one leg and arch back a little
– Just move around whilst engaging your core! Here are some more ideas

The result: excellent core strength which I put down to 2-3 minutes twice a day, that’s all it takes. Forget doing 50 sit-ups to get the ripped abs, just do the toothbrush workout.


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3 thoughts on “How to Create 30 hours in 5 minutes and the toothbrush workout

  1. thats genuinely hilarious way to make a good point! I might try that toothbrush dance when the girlfriend is not looking…

    Posted by Rob H | September 25, 2012, 10:54
  2. When are you going to do that post on adding an inch to your chest? I need to bulk up

    Posted by Wayno | September 25, 2012, 10:57

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