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SUPPLEMENTS: do you need supplements?

How many of you pop pills in answer to your problems? Have you been taking pills for a long time without thinking if it actually helps? We’re a society that too quickly seeks to treat the symptoms and not address the underlying cause. The Problem: what supplements do you actually need? Multi vitamins: that used … Continue reading

More on why PRIMAL LIVING works

This really worked for me and eating “primal” is becoming an increasingly well know way of eating. The power of the internet has meant the wheat and grain syndicates are not able to censor this information and people can share their results. The Problem: 21st Century society living Convenience food, fast food, processed food. Time … Continue reading

EATING: How to eat to feel good?

Have you ever eaten a meal and felt tired afterwards? Something of a food coma and not only post the holiday feasts? It frankly almost does not matter how much you exercise if you’re eating the wrong things? It’s nice to eat good food, but I’m starting to think we’re doing something wrong on the … Continue reading

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