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How adding 1 inch to your chest in 1 week can help your business grow

So imagine you have a 39 inch chest, you’re in trouble. The clothing industry seems to believe our body size moves in 2 inch increments, so you’re either tired of having to either be squeezed into a 38 inch jacket, or end up wearing a slightly baggy 40 inch one… Apart from paying a tailor, … Continue reading

How to Create 30 hours in 5 minutes and the toothbrush workout

Want more time? Spend a few minutes thinking about the below, it could be the wisest investment you make this year. The Shaving debate Having moved in with the in-laws whilst sorting out my business ventures, I noticed some key differences on how my father in law and I do things. Sometimes small things get … Continue reading

Forget 5 a day, you need 10 a day

Ever heard about eating your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables daily? This government initiative is a good guideline of how we should structure our diet, but why stop there? If you want to transform every aspect of your life, counting to 10 will definitely help you: daily. Count to 10 to stay motivated So … Continue reading

SUPPLEMENTS: do you need supplements?

How many of you pop pills in answer to your problems? Have you been taking pills for a long time without thinking if it actually helps? We’re a society that too quickly seeks to treat the symptoms and not address the underlying cause. The Problem: what supplements do you actually need? Multi vitamins: that used … Continue reading

DRINKING: What should you drink to feel good?

Food and drink are the 2 things we constantly put into our bodies, often without thinking twice about it. We’ve looked at food, but how do the drinks we have affect us? The Problem: lack of energy From the research I have done, acidity is a big reason for lack of energy. What seems to … Continue reading

Sleep: how much do you really need?

In my teens and twenties, 8 hours of sleep seemed like a minimum to function. Always struggling to get out of bed, even if I had had 10-12 hours of slumber. Now that I know we will have a baby in 6 months… well I need to get used to the fact that my sleep … Continue reading

Why you need tons of energy in this life

Energy is absolutely key. Whatever goal/ ambition/ dream you have, if you don’t have energy, you will never achieve it. There are so many demands on our energy and yet we do not know how to replenish and maximise our resources. The Problem: I’m just too tired to do this, even though I really want … Continue reading

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