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How adding 1 inch to your chest in 1 week can help your business grow

So imagine you have a 39 inch chest, you’re in trouble. The clothing industry seems to believe our body size moves in 2 inch increments, so you’re either tired of having to either be squeezed into a 38 inch jacket, or end up wearing a slightly baggy 40 inch one… Apart from paying a tailor, … Continue reading

The Kettlebell workouts

Want to get fit quickly, with all over body strength? Try the Kettlebell workout Sounds like a cheap advertisement but since you are probably a very busy person, honestly don’t look further and try kettlebell workouts. I have been doing those for 6 months, in 10 minutes maximum 3 times per week, with great benefit. … Continue reading

4 HOUR BODY in real life

Tim Ferris is something of a legend, not everyone will agree or buy into his ideas but you have to hand it to him: he is thorough in his research/ experimentation and knows how to create a name for himself. He is obsessive in achieving what he sets out to do, which is a great … Continue reading

BAREFOOT running

When I was young, I used to run around and exercise all the time. Then life got busy and there was no time for such things. So running around became one of those “I should do it”, and after a lot of effort/pain I would do it 1-3x per week. Having created more time in … Continue reading

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