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How to Create 30 hours in 5 minutes and the toothbrush workout

Want more time? Spend a few minutes thinking about the below, it could be the wisest investment you make this year. The Shaving debate Having moved in with the in-laws whilst sorting out my business ventures, I noticed some key differences on how my father in law and I do things. Sometimes small things get … Continue reading

Why speed reading is wrong: focus on rapid comprehension

In a world where we are bombarded with information, the battle to stay ahead of your competition means you need to read more than others and more effectively. The problem: too much information needs to be read to stay level with the competition… but how about getting ahead of the pack, with minimal effort? The … Continue reading

Make your UNCONSCIOUS work for you

Big problem, long bath: Archimedes the inventor Back in the 3rd Century BC a Sicilian Greek named Archmides was asked to measure whether a crown was made of pure gold. Clearly we have tools nowadays for such tasks but back then, no such luck. So Archimedes puzzled over a solution for a long time. The story … Continue reading

Make time: TO DO LISTS best practice

There’s a law that seems to exist when it comes to managing your time… Parkinson law: tasks take as long as you give them! The Problem: not making the most of your time This is not an exact science, but have you ever had a day when you’ve been incredibly busy but got everything done? … Continue reading

Make time: EMAILS best practice

Emails on your computer, laptop, tablet, phone… nowadays people can get you anywhere, and more worryingly anytime. Emails and communication tools are a huge part of our live now, so it’s important to think about our relationship with them. The Problem: Emails take over your life There’s a big difference between feeling productive and being … Continue reading

Making time for the fun things in life

Having looked at my week and decided I could definitely make time, here are some ideas from my trials and comments I have received: 1- Use the commute to your advantage! TIME SAVING c.6 HOURS PER WEEK. Use that time to do something: read up on your project or favourite topic, listen to audio books … Continue reading

The 168 hour week

Have you ever thought about what you actually do in a week? You have 24 hours per day, 7 days in the week, so that’s 168 hours per week. The Problem: I don’t have enough time for everything If you have not already read the blog on focusing your time on the right things, here’s … Continue reading

A Japanese concept

A great saying for those wanting to work towards any goal: “A jug fills drop by drop” (Buddha)… this rightly suggests that you have to take some action everyday to achieve your dreams. Difficult concept in our modern world where we expect everything right now, for minimal effort. The Japanese have a very neat word for … Continue reading

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