Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a great tool to use initially to understand what parts of your life are important, and which ones need attention.

It really helps you focus on only the key areas you need to improve to have a big benefit in your life.

Wheel of Life template for you to fill in

It works as follows:

  1. Draw a circle and split into 8 sections. In each section put an important part of your life (such as health, family, finances, friends, career, relationship, etc.) . Now give yourself a mark out of 10 on this section of your life. It helps visually to draw the level of satisfaction like I did below (eg. the “ME” section is a 5/10 hence the section is only half shaded)
  2. Now draw another circle around this one, extend the lines for each section, and write what a 10/10 would look like. For example a 10/10 for you in the health section might be achieving a certain weight and going exercising 3x per week.
  3. Finally, again draw another circle and extend the lines, and write what 1 step you will take this month to get you closer to that 10/10.

TOP TIP- Most people have c. 8 sections and from those usually 2-3 come out below 5/10, these are the ones to focus on to have the greatest impact in your life and get you going! Focus on those only, and do the wheel again in 1 month, you should see changes because you have focused on those few areas only.

Here is an example of what stage 1 looks like from April 2011, and my rational for why I feel that why:

Wheel of Life example



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