Put the Fun back in your life

So you have started eating the way you are designed to eat… if you have not, go to the Eating to understand what that means.

If you are eating better, now is the time I decided to put fun back in my life. Exercise is a word with negative connotations, but do you remember the time as a kid when you would “Play”? Well, why are we not doing that anymore? Time/money pressure get in the way for sure, but since I decided to do what I want to do, I decided to play more.

What sport do you enjoy?

Getting Fit is small but consistent Play time

A lot of the reason people do not achieve their goals is they’ve got into the habit of small failures: failure to get up in the morning without snoozing, failure to stick to a healthy lunch, putting off the gym, etc. Sounds familiar?

With a baby on the way, a 60 hour per week job and 10 hour weekly commute, my time was at a premium. So I decided to experiment to see how I could get the maximum benefit with the minimum effort.

What sport do you enjoy?

Minimum effort with Maximum reward

Here are a couple of posts to get you started, they’re around exercise I found to work for me through trial and error:

  1. 4 hour body in real life
  2. Barefoot running
  3. The Kettlebell workout– the only workout you’ll need


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