Live with Passion and be in charge of your life

So you are regaining control over your body and energy, now let’s be honest, if you want to fully regain control of your life, you have to regain control of your mind. You need to be passionate about your goals, and have built up enough time and energy in your life to get to that next stage. Thankfully, here’s how.

Boris Becker on finding his passion

Small Successes, every day

A lot of the reason people do not achieve their goals is down to small failures. Failure to get up without snoozing, failure to stick to that healthy lunch, putting off the gym until tomorrow, failure to make a call, etc. Sounds familiar?

Here are some tools below to help you find your Passion and regain control of your life. Because if you are not in charge then you will never get to be who you want to be and live the life you deserve.

Live with Passion

Tools and Exercises to try out

  1. Wheel of Life
  2. Be Do Have

Little things can make big changes

Find the key things to do to make a big change in your life. Also try:

  1. What makes you happy
  2. Making time for the fun things in life

For me, first thing I had to do when I decided to get out of office life was to take back control of my life on the eating and exercising front, as well as making time for what matters. Those small but regular successes meant that when I was looking to (re)find my passion, I could do it from a place of strength. If you have not done this, try these 2 posts:

  1. Why you need tons of energy in life
  2. The primal way of Eating

If you need any inspiration in finding you passion, you have to watch this speech by Steve Jobs back in 2005…





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