My office for the day

Having now made the transition from salaried office worker to self employed in July 2012, I am going to chronicle some of my findings, experiementation and learnings for you. Some title ideas below that I will gradually write out. Any idea/ suggestions/ questions welcome

Escapee stories:

Having no idea what awaited me, I asked a few friends who had made the jump about their experience and learnings. Making the jump from salary slave to self employed guru sounds brilliant but what are the pitfalls and what learnings can I skim off people who’ve done it? See the stories of Dan, Gemma, Dave for some of those words of wisdom.

Kickstarter how to:

For anyone who wants to leave office life, one crucial thing to do is really put yourself out there. No more hiding behind the corporate dinosaurs: you are the face of your business, so get used to putting yourself forward. What better way to do it than doing a Kickstarter project of your idea and see what the world has to say. This is my first project (nom de plume used..), which led to this and that site, and some sales!

  1. How to build a kickass app
  2. Elance/ People per Hour 101
  3. How to schedule your day
  4. Challenges you’ll face
  5. Rocky handle rejection
  6. Why its best to work with someone and how to manage that


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