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I started this blog in April 2011, my 30th birthday, a turning point in anyone’s life when I realized that I had to find a way to escape from office life.

What You’ll Get from Office Escapee

Through this website I share with you the specific steps I have taken on my journey from disgruntled office worker to creating my own successful business and being happy with every aspect of my life:

How to Escape Office life Infographic

How to Escape Office life Infographic

Learn how to find your passion in life, steps to make it happen and all that with maximum energy

This website is based on the information I recorded on my trials and experimentation, since April 2011, to create the life I want not the one I ended up having, and through downloads I am hoping to give you the tools you need to make these huge changes yourself. I do not profess to having all the answers, but I wanted to share what worked for me.

Step by step guides and downloadable content

When I decided I needed to change my life to give me time for the important things in life, doing what I want to do… I really struggled with these 3 questions:

Check out the clear Plan I decided to follow and try the first couple of steps and experience a shift in your life, both mentally  and in your physicality.

Who is Patrice?

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Patrice and I live in Richmond, England. For the past 10 years I have been an investment banker, financing the boom and then bust of the European economy. What started off as an interesting and fun life has become the opposite. Now my life goal is to find a way to focus on what matters: my wife and newborn baby. I also want to get back into my passions of travelling, sport and helping others… because that is what I enjoy most.

So where to start… here are some motivational places:



2 thoughts on “START HERE

  1. Well done on quitting, must be exciting times!! No more “evil banking” for you as you say, I might get there too soon

    Posted by Chris Richardson | July 29, 2012, 21:34
    • As long as you’re quitting for the right reasons then go for it… I’ve just changed jobs to something much closer to my passion, its so good its tough for me to think of it as a job!

      Posted by Danny R | July 29, 2012, 21:43

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